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We'd all love to give as much money to the NHS as possible. It isn't just an amazing institution literally savings the lives of millions, it is a matter of national pride.

But the "£350M per week to the NHS" lie is probably the most famous of all.

Unfortunately, there won't be any money. In fact, there will be considerably less money.

Every credible economist agrees that every possible type of Brexit (even staying in the Single Market and Customs Union - the softest of Brexits) would be economically damaging for the UK. This means less tax money for the Government, and therefore less money for the NHS or anything else.

Not a single economist has been able to get an economic paper past the peer review stage that indicates even a neutral economic outcome for the UK....never mind a positive effect! The UK economy is already suffering.

But let's just imagine that all the economists are wrong (they're not), and pretend that there will be no economic effect at all.

There still won't be any money left over.

Out of the EU contributions that the UK sends (approx. £13bn), approximately £5bn of it comes back to be spent in the UK already. The Government has committed to spending the same amount after Brexit.

This leaves £8bn.

But the EU also provides many services that will need to be replicated in the UK after Brexit, and paid for out of that £8bn. Such as:

European Aviation Safety Agency
European Maritime Safety Agency
Chemicals Agency (ECHA)
European Medicines Agency
European Environment Agency
Fisheries Control Agency
European Banking Authority
European Investment Bank
European Defence Agency
European Food Safety Authority
EU Plant Variety Office
European Union Intellectual Property Office
European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training
European Institute for Gender Equality
European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority

...and many more

This is likely to eat up the rest of the money, and maybe more!