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It can often seem that decision-making processes take a very long time at the EU. And it's not surprising with 28 members states, each with their own histories, cultures, and varied economies.

But like any national governance system, the EU has different processes for making different types of decision based on their urgency.

For standard national legislation, there will be a long winded series of steps for parliament(s) to analyse, scrutinise, take expert advice, make decisions, and maybe remake decisions. The EU has a similar system.

For the day to day running of things, you don't need an entire parliamentary discussion, that would take too long. So the Executive is allowed to deal with these issues as needed. The EU is no different.

For more urgent issues, just the Government will be involved in the decision making process, or maybe just an emergency subgroup of Government (like the COBRA committee).

Likewise, the EU can make more urgent decisions by just involving the heads of government of the member states.

In summary, some things take a long time, some things happen more urgently. That's how the world works. The EU is no different.